Owning The Technological Battleground

“China-US” relations is a term that has been overly saturated to mean “Trade War” as it relates to the common knowledge narrative dictated to us by mainstream media.

However, the China-US relationship is the single most important variable in the immeasurably complex equation that is world affairs, and specifically, where things go from here and how it affects billions of daily lives; chief among them, our own daily life.

We’ve entered a stage where the narrative and sentiment is set to shift very dramatically and rapidly. …

All Fun & Gamification

The prevalence of gamification in the products and services we use everyday is creating a dangerous environment where people are willingly releasing information that is vital to their personal security.

All in the name of convenience.

Considering that virtually all products and services interfacing with payments now have KYC/AML functionality, one could easily see how the data surrounding one’s biometrics holds immense value.

Think of KYC/AML (Know Your Customer / Anti Money Laundering) as a screening/filtering process. …

Who Really Knows

Does the yield curve even matter anymore?

Are interest rates as important as they are purported to be?

Do central bankers know what they are doing?

Will MMT become the dominant line of thinking among our leaders and economic decision makers?

Do the people running the governments of the world understand the implications of their actions? Do they care?

Do debt levels matter?

Does the USD as world reserve currency carry the same significance today as it did in the 1970s?

Is there any real leadership left in the world? Or is everyone simply abiding by the cover-your-ass dogma that…

Examining Anxiety Surrounding Technology & Climate Change

As life progresses and I interact with a much larger and diverse group of individuals — each with her or his variation in mentality, disposition, background, and outlook — what becomes clearer is that most people firmly believe that general anxiety levels are on the rise.

This is something I have alluded to previously in discussing why mental health is an issue that warrants much more attention.

With many reasons to be anxious nowadays, the most oft cited being the level of inter connectivity and information flow facilitated by the internet and social media channels, what I find to be…

An Upside To Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

While it appears that Bitcoin currently stands a chance at avoiding the sort of arbitrage detailed herein — due to the fact that fees are mingled with coinbase reward, meaning fresh UTXOs can still be tainted — who is to suggest that a new digital currency with a less decentralized and privacy-centric architecture would not be subjected to this sort of arbitrage?

And who is to suggest that privacy will ever be fully realized on Bitcoin? It is currently very difficult to maintain full privacy throughout a full transaction life cycle, and the powers that be are not exactly pro-privacy…

Bitcoin Narrative Update

As we’ve seen the price of Bitcoin rebound healthily over the last few weeks, a lot of bulls are coming out of the woodwork. CryptoTwitter, newsletters, podcasts, and even the recent SF Bitcoin Conference are all touting mega bullish scenarios for the digital asset.

While I have made my stance on Bitcoin and digital assets clear ( 1, 2, 3, 4) it is very interesting to see the narrative develop as it has in such a short amount of time. …

Defining the Retail Investor’s Primary Advantage

We hear it referred to so often in the investment world, in the world of sports, and more broadly, in the competitive world where sums of money are always on the line, and high performance is required in order to be deemed successful.

“What is your edge?”

Edge is what everyone strives for when it comes to investment. Entire portfolio theories are based upon the team having an edge in some domain of knowledge.

This is the exact role that hedge funds play in the ecosystem. They specialize in some domain of knowledge and they receive funds from larger funds…

The Genesis Of Unicorns & The Global Construction Boom

So much has been said on the topic of quantitative easing, I find it foolhardy to rehash here. For a quick refresher, I recommend revisiting my posts on the topic here, and here.

One of the most significant consequences of quantitative easing is a loss of price discovery.

A healthy marketplace is one that is deeply liquid, has a wide variety of individual actors, opinions, positions, trades, etc. across various timelines, asset classes, strategies, borders, etc.

In other words, a healthy market is one that allows for all-natural, non-GMO price discovery.

To use an analogy, quantitative easing is equivalent to…

To this day we only have a small percentage of market penetration in what could become a global monetary phenomenon in crypto-assets.

As the technology adoption curve graph that is so frequently floated around the space suggests, crypto-assets have the potential to do just that. However, it may not be for the reasons that most think.

It could happen for something entirely different, something our capital markets have seen time and time again as cycles transition.

In Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed, he spoke about how market mentalities could be shifted overnight via strong actions taken by prominent people…

A Lack Of Common Knowledge

As a technology, asset, philosophy, narrative, cult, or however you like to label it, crypto-assets remain insulated from broadly accepted common knowledge. As any behavioral economist will tell you, common knowledge is the single most important factor in any given narrative’s failure or success.

To this day, crypto-assets are considered a fringe investment vehicle primarily because they remain outside of the domain of common knowledge.

For an informative primer on common knowledge, read more here.

Once it becomes common knowledge that everyone is interested in something, the value of said “something” skyrockets. …

Brandon Potts

Practice what you preach.

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